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    The Art Of Song - When Baroque Meets Jazz - Filipe Raposo

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    Schedule «The Art Of Song - When Baroque Meets Jazz - Filipe Raposo»

    Saturday Saturday-12:00am
    Nov, 2020
    12:00 AM
    Coliseu dos Recreios  ?


    PromotorEGEAC, Equipment Management and Cultural Animation CompanySinopseThe Project The Art of Song was born from the will of Rita Maria and Filipe Raposo to make known a sample of the vast musical universe that inspires them: compositions of traditional Iberian-Portuguese music, from North American standards to Baroque arias, from the influence of film music to their original compositions. Through a collection of records, they explore an eclectic and unusual repertoire of erudite and popular composers, from different generations and backgrounds. Thus, the album Rita Maria & Filipe Raposo Live in Oslo, released by Lugre Records in August 2018, became the embryo of The Art of Song project. This record, recorded live in the Cosmopolite room, summarizes the confluence of musical genres that we would like to delve into in the collection of records we call The Art of Song. The idea for the first volume, The Art of Song When Baroque Meets Jazz, arose, however, after the invitation of soprano Catarina Molder to record reinterpretations of famous arias of Baroque operas for the program Super Diva of RTP. The Art of Song When Baroque Meets Jazz is therefore part of the passion for works by Baroque musical geniuses such as Monteverdi, Purcell, Bach and Handel and the influence these composers exerted on their way of listening to music. In the work of Rita Maria and Filipe Raposo, improvisation acts as a key element in the connection of seemingly distant musical genres. The musical influences that artistically shaped erudite music, jazz and traditional songor end up cohabiting in their own territory. With the album series The Art of Song, they seek to explore the common link between these three great reference matrices for their artwork as a duo. In this show in São Luiz, through the presentation of baroque arias and original compositions, the public will be able to perceive the formal similarities that the Baroque and Jazz genres have: cyclical forms, low encrypted ciphers in which the harmonic structures in both genres are grounded -, melodies with very poderosiable DNA that the two musicians keep with great affection in their affective memory. Baroque and Jazz are both musical genres with a performance vocation, and it is mainly on stage that improvisation will take place through the counterpoint between voice and piano, between melody and harmony, drawing new generating structures and constructive processes, achieveing a musical metaphor greater than the freedom and creative individuality of each of them. Prices1ª Plateia - 15€2ª Plateia - 12€1º Balcão Central - 15€Friezes - 12€Friezes - 12€Friezes - 12€1st Central Box - 15€1st Central Box - 15€1st Central Box - 15€1st Central Box - 15€DiscountsCard Are AreAreLargers 65Minors 25