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    Sinfoniónicos - Concertos Comentados

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    Coliseu dos Recreios
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    Schedule «Sinfoniónicos - Concertos Comentados»

    Sunday Sunday-12:00am
    Nov, 2020
    12:00 AM
    Coliseu dos Recreios  ?


    PromoterCity Of Santa Maria da FeiraSinopseIn the year that celebrates 250 years on the birth of Beethoven, the Sinphonic Youth Band of Santa Maria da Feira proposes a concert to explore the music of the great composer. In addition to being a symbol of overcoming, Beethoven is the author of a repertoire that still animates and thrills listeners around the world. The composer's music will be explored in this concert not only through excerpts from his iconic works, but also from an original contemporary work Extreme Beethoven by dutch composer Johan de Meij, who explores Beethoven's musical universe in a free and passionate reading. PricesAudience less2,50 €Central audience2,50 €Audience indented2,50 €