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    SEIS MESES DEPOIS: 25 Anos da Companhia Olga Roriz

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    Coliseu dos Recreios
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    Schedule «SEIS MESES DEPOIS: 25 Anos da Companhia Olga Roriz»

    Saturday Saturday-12:00am
    Oct, 2020
    12:00 AM
    Coliseu dos Recreios  ?


    PromoterMunicipality of Vila Nova de FamalicãoBrief IntroductionSIX MONTHS LATER: 25 Years of the Olga RorizDance CompanyOctober 3, Saturday, 21:30Grand Auditorium Entrance: 10 euros / Quad Card, Students and Seniors: 5 eurosM/12 yearsDuration: 90 minutesIn co-production with the National Theatre D. Maria II, Casa das Artes de Vila Nova de Famalicão and Municipality of Loulé.SynopsisWalk sums of timeless timelessness, in a celestial space between cinema screens. The resilience of the bodies holding hands recovers the places in the distance, in a present that escapes through the feet. Six months later an entropy hovers in all particles. All frozen! We're dead, or we're going to die. We'll be as soon as the first breath we swallowed at birth. We levitate or confuse ourselves with the roots of dense forests. No matter where we are, whether in the air or at sea, the molecules are still lost. We mean the gesture between strong colors, flashes and darkness. We want to tear the walls that tear us apart and project ourselves into a field of poppies losing sight, without dimension, immeasurable, like in that dream where none of us wanted to wake up. We can create the apocalypse, make Autopsy the only habitable place on the planet and in 1, 2, 3, as many as to spot the giant wave climb to the highest crane and stay there forever in the isolation of memory. Goodbye solar system. In 37 hours, 4 minutes and 12 seconds the Earth will collide with Jupiter. And there goes the microcosm and the macrocosm, the atom, the molecule, the protumins and the neutrons. There goes quantum physics, epigenetics and dr. Bayar's candy. So much for homeotic genes, molecular ortho medicine and electromagnetic radiation. There will be no Chakra that is worth us or coherence that saves us. There will be no genetic key that will open any more doors for us. Goodbye humanity. Olga Roriz 23 Nov. 2019After in Autopsy we have reflected on the negative impact that the human being has been causing on the planet, Six months later departs for a reflection on humanity that endures in each of us, despite society consuming, formatting and massify. In the near future, something human, demigods or heroes, we imagine our existence in seven random characters. Tony Fargo 77, Zhora Fuji, Naoki 21, Dawnswir, Gael Bera Falin, Kepler 354 and Priscilla Noir are a species of clones that inhabit the city of Tannhauser, the year is 2307 on planet Earth 3.Olga Roriz 10 Dec. 2019 Artistic and technical recordDirector: Olga RorizInterpreters: André de Campos, Beatriz Dias, Bruno Alves, Bruno Alexandre, Francisco Rolo, Marta Lobato Faria and Yonel SerranoMusical selection: Olga Roriz and João Rapozo Design of the soundtrack: João RapozoCenography and costumes: Olga Roriz and Ana VazDrawing of light: Cristina PiedadeVideo conception: Olga Roriz and João RapozoCapture and Post-production video: João Rapozo Support to creation: Catarina CâmaraAssistance of scenography: Daniela Cardante Assistants of essays: Ana de Oliveira e Silva and Andreia Alpuim Assembly and operation of light and video: João Chicó I CounterweightAssembly and sound operation : PontozurcaApoios 25 years Companhia Olga RorizSPA - Sociedade Portuguesa de AutoresRTP - Rádio Televisão Portuguesa Companhia Olga RorizDireção I Olga RorizProdução e digresdes I António Quadros FerroGestão I Magda Bull FOR Dance Theatre e Residências I Lina Duarte Trainee de produção I Sérgio Brito MoreiraA Companhia Olga Roriz is a structure financed by the Portuguese Republic I Cultura / Directorate-General das ArtesSeis months later the 25th anniversary of Olga Roriz's dance companyPricesAudience - 10€DiscountsStudentsHipSeniors