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    Hugo Raro, Miguel Amaral, Rui Teixeira, Alex Lázaro

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    Coliseu dos Recreios
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    Schedule «Hugo Raro, Miguel Amaral, Rui Teixeira, Alex Lázaro»

    Sunday Su-12:00am
    Nov, 2020
    Nov 15 Su-12:00am
    12:00 AM
    Coliseu dos Recreios  ?
    Rua das Portas de Santo Antão, 96, 1150-269, Lisbon, Portugal


    PromoterOficina CIPRLBreve IntroductionIn 2020, Porta-Jazz proposes a quartet led by Hugo Raro, an unusual formation of piano, Portuguese guitar, clarinet and drums (without bass), and that, as usual in the partnership of this jazz collective of Porto with Guimarães Jazz, promotes multidisciplinary collaboration with an artist outside the musical area, which in this case will be the JAS artist to create scenography and drawing in real time. Hugo Raro, one of the founding members of the Porta¬-Jazz Association, is one of the relevant pianists of the Jazz scene of Porto for the past two decades. With a background in piano jazz and classical, Raro edited his first record recording in 2004 with Espécie de Trio (a formation he returned to edit in 2016), and has since maintained a regular musical activity as a member of the baba mongol and bandband, as a collaborator in projects led by other musicians, such as the Rui Teixeira Group, Kiko and the Jazz Refugees or the jazz-rock band Torto, and also as a leader of a quartet. In parallel with his strictly musical activity, Hugo Raro is also a teacher and a pedagogue committed to the transmission of jazz knowledge, and it is also important to highlight his intermittent work of composition for theater and contemporary dance. JAS (or João Alexandrino) is an artist from Porto with a work developed in various formats installation, performance, video, painting, scenography or drawing. In addition to his individual work, JAS is one of the founders of espaço incubator and caixa arte contemporânea project (together with artist Manuela Pimentel). Miguel Amaral is currently one of the names featured in contemporary Portuguese guitar. A musician with a diverse musical background (including piano and composition), Miguel Amaral often collaborates with various chamber music groups and orchestras, while collaborating with other musicians such as Mário Laginha, soprano Ana Barros or pianist Bruno Belthoise. His solo work focuses on the interpretation of repertoire (Carlos Paredes, Armandinho and Pedro Caldeira Cabral, among others), but also in the composition, having edited until this date an album entitled Chuva Olíqua, 2013.Ao end of more than twenty-five years of career, the saxophonist Rui Teixeira can already be considered a veteran of jazz Portuguese. A member of the Matosinhos Jazz Orchestra since its foundation, Teixeira began his career in music as a sideman of some of the most relevant jazz musicians of the time, such as Carlos Azevedo and Paulo Perfeito, while collaborating on projects closer to pop-rock, such as the band Clan. The saxophonist has led his Rui Teixeira Group since 2011 and is a member of some of the formations associated with the Porta-Jazz universe such as Baba Mongol and Bandstand.Alex Lázaro is a young musician associated with the porta-jazz collective. From his recent work, is to highlight his participation in the project AXES, led by the saxophonist João Mortaágua, and with the quintet of Eduardo Cardinho.Ficha ArtísticaHugo Raro, piano, composition JAS, set design and real-time drawingMiguel Amaral, Portuguese guitarRui Teixeira, bass clarinet and saxophone Baritone Alex Lázaro (SP), drums and percussionInformation Adicionaishttps://www.aoficina.pt/PreçosPlateia - 7,50€DiscountsQuad CardDiscount