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    Entre Contenções + O Rei no Exílio / VI Festival encontros do DeVIR

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    Coliseu dos Recreios
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    Schedule «Entre Contenções + O Rei no Exílio / VI Festival encontros do DeVIR»

    Friday Friday-12:00am
    Sep, 2020
    12:00 AM
    Coliseu dos Recreios  ?


    PromoterMunicipality of LouléSinopseVI Festival meetings of DeVIR - Rescue (within the framework of the cultural program 365 Algarve)ENTRE CONTENÇÕES, by Eduardo Fukushima (Brazil)This solo by Eduardo Fukushima has become an iconic work of one of the most outstanding/award-winning choreographers of contemporary Brazilian dance. Since its creation, it has been presented uninterruptedly, which is justified by the quality, simplicity and truth it transmits to us. It resulted from a very personal language research, a simple and crude vocabulary that plays with disharmony and confrontation. Direction, Creation and Presentation: Eduardo Fukushima / Guidance in the creation process: Key Sawao, Ricardo Iazzetta and Daniel Fagundes / General artistic assistance: Hideki Matsuka, Beatriz Sano and Julia Rocha / Technical Director of Assembly: Igor Sane / Lighting: Igor Sane and Eduardo Fukushima / Photos: Inês Correa / Entre Conções- research developed by the project 10 soils and reverberations 2008, Key Zetta core and Cia Funarte Klauss ViannaO REI IN EXILE REMAKE, by Francisco Camacho (Portugal)The KING IN EXILE REMAKE is the recreation, the rescue of a striking solo of contemporary Portuguese dance, which focuses on the figure of King Manuel II, the last King of Portugal, exiled in England in 1910. It is a portrait of a certain, sometimes ironic, sometimes controversial, Portugal where loneliness is permanent. It is a grotesque, obscure, sensual universe that juxtaposes intimacy, the vices of the choreographer/performer and the iconographic figure of the King. Past and present are confused in a character, who lives different stories centered on gestures and symbolic actions of male daily life. Choreography and Interpretation: Francisco Camacho / Voice and Interpretation Consultancy: Fernanda Lapa / Costume Designer and Essay Assistant: Carlota Lagido / Scenario: Philip Cabau / Light Design and Technical Direction: Frank Laubenheimer / Sound band: Carlos Zíngaro, Ruy Coelho, Natalia de Andrade, Nick Cave / Texts: D. Manuel II, António Cabral, Francisco Camacho / Production: EiraPreçosPrice único: 5 € (no discounts applicable)