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    Casal aberto

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    Coliseu dos Recreios
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    Saturday Sa-12:00am
    Nov, 2020
    Nov 14 Sa-12:00am
    12:00 AM
    Coliseu dos Recreios  ?
    Rua das Portas de Santo Antão, 96, 1150-269, Lisbon, Portugal


    PromoterMunicipal Theatre Joaquim BeniteBrief IntroductionThe Italian playwright, actor, director and set designer Dario Fo (1926-2016), who also composed music, painted and sang, was awarded the Nobel Prize for Literature in 1997. A complete artist, of Renaissance feature, he was a genius and unrepeatable player. Together with his wife, the actress and descendant of a family of theater people Franca Rame (1929-2013), wrote Casal open in 1982. Beyond the challenge of the monogamous model imposed by a social and political order that places the need to form a family at the center of the relationship and attributes instrumental roles to each element, the piece lands its eyes on the power relations that determine the relational dynamics of couples in which violence is more prevalent than many would like. We will be mistaken in considering that domestic violence, or dating violence, is directed to a derisory statistic condemned by the natural evolution of society. We will still be deceived if we consider that this only occurs in heterosexual couples, in certain economic or social strata, or that it comes from the cultural machismo of the gender convention. Perhaps there is a generation that tends to innocently regard domestic violence as an old drunk thing. The new technologies are today the intrigues, suspicions, punches and belts once used by the old drunks, wrote the director Rui Dionísio, for whom this show is a way to deepen the observation of our society and its history of customs. Artistic DataText by Dario Fo and Franca Rame Staging by Rui DionísioIntérpretes Eurico Lopes, Gonçalo de Oliveira, Susana SáTradução Io AppolloniVoz, diction and support to dramaturgy Luís MadureiraCenography and costumes Ana paula RochaLighting and sound work Vladimiro CruzAssembly and carpentry scene José TelesExecutive production Eduarda Oliveira, Mafalda RôlaAdditionalInformationDiscountsFor minors 25 and over 65 available at the ticket office of TMJBPricesGeneral - 10€