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    5.ª Gala dos Fadistas Louletanos

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    Coliseu dos Recreios
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    Schedule «5.ª Gala dos Fadistas Louletanos»

    Sunday Sunday-12:00am
    Oct, 2020
    12:00 AM
    Coliseu dos Recreios  ?


    PromoterMunicipality of LouléSinopseDespite the current situation, as in recent years the Municipality of Loulé did not want to fail to hold this event that is already part of the regular programming of Cineteatro, valuing, stimulating and thus supporting, also in this way, the local artistic environment, which has been one of the priorities of the municipality. Although Loulé is not a land with fado traditions (as, in the background, the whole province), the municipality can currently have a suit of good quality interpreters in this musical universe, such as César Matoso, Sara Paixão and Isa de Brito, to which others join in this journey of homage to the national song. Since 2020 marks the centenary of the birth of Amália Rodrigues, the repertoire to be presented will mostly consist of themes that marked the path of this inescapable figure born in 1920.Na musical direction and Portuguese guitar will be also the Louletano Valentim Filipe, in the viola Tiago Valentim and the contrabass Tó Correia.PricesPrice: 8 € / 6 € for people over 65 and under 30 years Of friend card applicable